Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rainy day and sleep

Rainy day and sleep

What better day to do a little catching up on my blog.  First I want to thank all who have welcomed us to blogland and all the great tips I received.  What a wonderful warm welcome!

As you can tell, right now we will not post very often, as we are not doing much in the interest department.  Mostly yard work, Dr. apt's and family stuff.

We took a little trip to Albany (300  mile round trip) this past weekend for our Grandsons birthday party.  Lucas turned 6 this year and decided he wanted his party at a playground.  I could spend all day taking candid pictures of childrens innocent smiles and expressions.  Priceless!

Happy Birthday Lucas

Mothers Day was wonderfull!  I got to spend the day with my 2 daughters working in the gardens.  What better day can you ask for! (sorry no photos of that day, my fingers were a little to dirty to lug around a camera).

Since my last post we have had visitors, my nieces and thier daughters stopped in for a visit.  I love to dress them up in pretty bling or hats and turn them lose in my garden and yard to pick flowers and edibles.

I played in the garden, refreshed the mulch and transplanted some reseeded perennials into pots to give away to visitors who stop in.
Doing a little doggy daycare for my grandpup Chewy, which is why I am catching up on some sleep today.  My daughter called at 3 am last night, needing her mommy for a trip to the emergency room.  Kidney stones 5mm.  She is having a rough day today, I am glad the Urologist can see her on thursday, she's going to need help passing this one.  We love to have Chewy over, he's just over 2yrs old now and a bit of a hard head.  He lives in the city with my daughter and does not have place to run.  So we have him up as much as we can so he can run on our 5 acres.  However we have to watch him close because of his one track mind, "Did I see a rabbit!"," Oh! was that a squirl?", "Can I play in the swamp?"  "You know you love me Grandma!"
And last but not least, Velma reminds me I need to get back up on the roof of the rv and get it cleaned and resealed.
Velma is a bit of a funny cat.  I am the only person she allows to pet her.  Most people can try, but once she realizes it's not me and she's had enough, she will let you know in a painfull way.  She loves our motorhome.  Although she has never been camping with us, she has taken several rides in it.  Everyday she insists we go out and sit in it with her for a few minutes.  Next week we plan on dewinterizing the camper and spending a few days living in it, so we can start some packing lists.  She will enjoy that, I am sure.

I hope I have not broken too many of the blog "rules" (ha ha just joking) and bored you with to much of my ho hum days.  As this is the beginning of our new blog, I figured filling you in on some of our everyday things to start off, seemed appropriate.

Again, thank you to all our new followers and all the warm wishes and tips we received.

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  1. This was a great post because it helps us get to know you better. Most of us have every day things that we blog about cause that is our lives. Even living in an RV gets kind of ordinary sometimes. Sure hope everything works out okay for your daughter. Your Velma is a hoot.