Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wow my first blog!

This is my first blog ever!  I am so excited!  I am starting this blog as a way to keep my family and friends informed of our travels and whereabouts, and to keep in touch. 

Our retirement trip wont start until Sept.  But I want to practice with this blogging when I can.  Bare with me as I learn the ins and out.

This past week we took a trip to NYC.  Now, for all you who know me, I have avoided NYC all of my adult life.  I dislike the place with a vengeance and hate large city driving or riding.  So, the thought of my baby going to the city and driving around alone while Travis took his test was not going to happen.  So, long story short, Ed and I went to NYC with Amanda and Travis.  Turned out to be, not so bad a trip.  Amazing things happen when you don't expect them to. 

From our hotel room on the NJ side of the Hudson, we had a great view of the Enterprise space shuttle being flown to NYC from Washington DC.  A little history of the Enterprise......It was the first shuttle built and it was never launched into space.  It did make a small solo flight, lifting off from a 747.  It received it's name from a group of school children who won a contest.  Yes it is named after the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek.  The Enterprise will be loaded onto a barge and floated up the Hudson and lifted onto the deck of the retired battleship the Intrepid.

Now for the garden, spring is here, still a little cool but, flowers are coming up and I am so ready to get outside start playing in the dirt.

And of course the wildlife

Thanks for stopping by,
Judy and Ed